Legal Staff

Fabian Müller

Fabian Müller, M. Iur.

Mr. Müller has been employed as a legal employee in the firm since 01.01.2022 and is active in the field of data protection and IT contract drafting. From self-employment, he also has technical expertise in the field of IT system integration and software development and thus also provides the interface to highly complex technical aspects of IT.

Born in 1997, graduated from the Werner Heisenberg High School in Leverkusen, voluntary social year in youth work in Velbert, 2021 first state law examination at the Higher Regional Court of Hamm (Westphalia) with graduation as Master Iuris from the University of Münster. He is currently working on a doctorate on the special status of political parties under the GDPR.

Janika Sewing

Ms. Sewing joined the firm as a legal employee on 01.04.2021 and supports the firm in the areas of IT contract drafting, data protection law as well as general office administration and organization.

First state law examination at the Higher Regional Court of Hamm (Westphalia) in May 2023.

Moritz Übermuth

Moritz Übermuth

Mr. Übermuth has been working for the law firm as a research assistant since 01.11.2022. In addition to the external media communication of the law firm, his field of activity includes the support in the areas of data protection and data security law. During internships, among others in a renowned media law firm in Berlin, Mr. Übermuth has already gained knowledge in press law and digital media law. In addition, Mr. Übermuth has advised members of the German Bundestag and the state parliaments of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony on media technology and law.

Franca Rexeis, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Franca Rexeis

Ms Rexeis has been working for the law firm as a student assistant since 1 April 2023 and deals in particular with data protection law and data security cases.

After graduating from high school in 2019, she studied for a year in the United States before Ms Rexeis began studying law in Hamburg and moved to the University of Münster to specialise in law.

As part of her specialisation, Ms Rexeis is working on the legal challenges of future technologies in the field of "Digitalisation, AI and Law".

Erik Tröber

Mr. Tröber jr. has been employed as a research assistant at our law firm since 01.10.2023 and works in the field of data protection and intellectual property law. In the course of his work as a student and research assistant in well-known major law firms, Mr. Tröber jr. has acquired special knowledge in the area of regulated markets and data protection as well as in the area of legal tech and has supported law firms in providing legal advice to their clients.

Through his university studies (University of Cologne), Mr. Tröber has also gained knowledge in intellectual property law, competition law and antitrust law.

In addition to his studies, Mr. Tröber jr. is also involved in the LegalTechLab Cologne (LTLC), which provides digitalized legal advice. In this role, he was already responsible for partnerships and events on its board.