Prof. Dr. jur. Volker Lüdemann

Rechtsanwalt Tröber

External consultant and specialist for data protection and data security law

Volker Lüdemann is Professor of Business and Competition Law at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and Scientific Director of the Lower Saxony Data Protection Center (NDZ) since September 2009. Previously, he was a legal counsel and managing director in the VW Group. Volker Lüdemann has been working intensively on data protection law issues for many years. His research focuses on smart services, telematics and the Internet of Things. He is the author of numerous specialist articles and a sought-after media contact. As a data protection officer, Volker Lüdemann works for well-known private companies and public sector entities. Since 2014, he has also been chairman of the ethics committee at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

Since August 2016, the firm has been cooperating with Volker Lüdemann, who acts in an advising manner for the firm when required and at the request of the client. Volker Lüdemann prepares academic expert opinions and concepts. In addition, he explains these, if necessary, or accompanies the attorneys of the law firm in advance of or following the rendering of an expert opinion. The responsibility for the forwarding and implementation as well as the further processing of the mandate remains with the law firm. His outstanding expertise in the fields of data protection and data security law supports the high quality of legal advice provided to our clients.