IT contract law - basic training

The basic training guides you through the principles of modern IT contracts, their implementation and the special features to be observed (for example, in the case of a "contract in crisis").
  • Duration: 3h
  • Number of participants: up to 6 participants in the law firm, no limit when conducted in-house
  • Format: IT law
  • Speaker: Jörn Tröber, specialist lawyer for IT law


The basic training course on IT law teaches the fundamentals of the legal classification of IT contracts, the significance of important clauses and the correct way to handle them in IT projects. Employees from management, purchasing and sales get a feel for contract-critical clauses and processes.

Group of participants

The training is primarily aimed at employees of the company management as well as responsible employees of the purchasing and sales departments who come into contact with IT contracts. At the same time, it is suitable for employees who are to or want to work in these areas in the future.


Legal nature and conclusion of IT contracts (on-premise, cloud, etc.)
Establishment, contract management
General terms and conditions effectiveness check
Special features of implementation (e.g. change request management)
Contract termination
Subcontractor involvement
and more


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