IT contract law - advanced training

If you know your contract and live by it, you not only avoid legal risks. The commercial benefits also pay off. The training is aimed at contract managers in IT companies. "Train the trainer" is the principle for implementing processes in IT contract project management, among other things.
  • Duration: min. 3h
  • Number of participants: max. 6 participants in the law firm, no limit when conducted in-house
  • Format: IT law
  • Price: ab 990,00 €
  • Speaker: Jörn Tröber, specialist lawyer for IT law


The advanced training offers the competence to analyze and anticipate IT contract-critical risks and to pass them on in daily practice through internal trainings, directives or individual discussions in the company. Raising awareness of the "big points" of contractual risks and establishing workflows reduces liability risks for board members and managing directors.

Group of participants

The training is aimed at all participants who have already completed the basic IT contract law training (company management, senior purchasing or sales staff) as well as those who already feel "firm" in IT contract law.


New contract types (cloud contracts, SaaS, PaaS, Scrum, etc.)
EVB IT contracts
Special clauses (e.g. benchmarking, exit clauses, agile methodology)
Soft & hard SLA
and more


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